Why Us?… Here’s Why.

The Insurance Link, can provide your company with the most knowledgeable representation when shopping the Insurance markets. Our honest and experienced consultants will find you the best possible option to meet your needs and lower your business costs.

Who We Are

The consultants at the Insurance Link,  have many years of combined experience in the Insurance Industry. We understand the challenges and complexity of finding the proper Insurance products, and we’re ready to listen to your needs. We will always act in your best interest because when you succeed, we succeed!

How We Can Help

Our knowledge and experience in navigating the Insurance industry will help you secure the best possible Insurance options, at the most affordable price. Our industry credibility, and ability to generate offers from many national carriers means you will receive the best possible offers.

Company Overview

The Insurance Link opened for business in the summer of 2019. Its sister company, the PEO Link has been in business for over 15 years. President/CEO of The PEO Link, Lee Chapman, realized the need for an expert, principled brokerage house to best represent his customers as they shopped for Insurance services. We consist of a group of highly experienced professional Insurance Consultants ready to find you the best possible value. We believe it’s important to listen to our customers’ needs, and we stand ready to save you money while building a longstanding, mutually beneficial business relationship. Allow the Insurance Link, to represent your company and experience the substantial advantages and cost savings our partners can offer.

Unlike a salaried salesman, working for a single employer, a broker represents several different companies in an industry. In our case, the consultants at the Insurance Link, represent many top national insurance carriers.

While a salesman from any individual insurance carrier can provide you with an offer for insurance services, the consultants from the Insurance Link, can provide you with more than one quality offer, and the assurance that we will find you the best, most affordable insurance service.

Utilizing the knowledgeable consultants at the Insurance Link, often results in significant savings when shopping for insurance services. As representatives to many top insurance firms, the Insurance Link, can provide you the best possible offer to meet your needs. Insurance companies competing for your business results in the best possible offer.