PEO Defined

Professional Employers Organization (PEO) Services through The PEO Link, Inc.

A Professional Employer Organization or “PEO,” provides a business with a one-stop solution to accomplish many burdensome management tasks in an affordable, efficient manner. The Insurance Link, is a subsidiary of The PEO Link, Inc.,  The PEO Link, Inc. is the nation’s largest PEO Brokerage firm.  The PEO Link, Inc. can provide your company with the most knowledgeable representation when shopping for the PEO market. The consultants at the PEO Link, Inc. have many years of combined experience in the professional employer organization industry. We understand the challenges and complexity of finding the proper PEO payroll taxes service, and we’re ready to listen to your needs. Our knowledge and experience in navigating the PEO industry will help you secure the best possible PEO outsourcing at the most affordable price. Our industry credibility, and ability to generate offers from several national firms means you will receive the best possible offers.

We consist of a group of highly experienced professional PEO consultants, ready to find you the best possible value. Our honest & experienced consultants will find you the best possible option to meet your needs & lower your business costs.

Utilizing a PEO allows the employer to focus on core business activities that generate profit, while the PEO performs employment related business functions such as: